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Moto-round 2007 - "Salonica, Thassos and



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What was the plan for the day:

Nea Kalikratia - Chalkidikis - Aton (Agion Oros): a ferryboat trip around the peninsula;

Aton (Agion Oros) - Asprovalta: sunbathing, walk;


What does really happen:

Daily trip Map >

Full with unwillingness we pack the luggage and are ready for leaving the beautiful camping. The machines were loaded up and we are going to the swimming pool for a last bath.


On the lunch time we catch the highway to Chalkidikis. The peninsula of Chalkidikis has three branches in the shape of trident: Aton, Sitonya and Cassandra. The legend tells that two titans: Aton and Siton were in great quarrel for the love of beauty Cassandra. Infuriated of their wrangle the God of the sees - Poseidon hit them all with his trident. In the same moment they become a rocks and this are the branches we see today. In the town of Nea Mundanya we should change the road. We follow the signs.


Next to us pass nice houses, villas and beaches.


After a long, long distance Plamen began to horn. He realized that we follow the wrong way. The signs next to Nea Moundanya were wrong! At the moment we wasn't on the road to Sitonya but deep inside first branch of Chalkidikis - Cassandra.  It was not too bad. I can say one: Cassandra is an extremely beautiful place.


On Metamorphosis we decided to change the road again. The highway was nice but boring. We choose minor road trough the mountains. It was a thin, brown line on the map and we expected to be in bad condition. Nothing like this! It was a perfect one. Good asphalt, low sloped ascents, middle-hard curves with nice views. The bike began to sing. My heart began to sing with it as well.


Several small but well-arranged villages and again nice houses.


We make pictures all the time.


In the front were newer and newer interesting things.  


We stopped all the time to take pictures for the endless see expanse.


The see changes its magnificent colors under the hills.


We sow several tempting, virgin beaches which were accessible only from the see.


It is impossible to describe the splendour of this places. I felt something strong to seethe in my chest and that it will explode shortly.  Same magic was easy to be seen in the eyes of Didka and Plamen as well.


To some of the virgin beaches were tents of enthusiasts. I feel envy to them.


It was unbelievable how clear is the water. A real Paradise!


Our heads were dizzy by the beauties...


...and we were seized by strange feelings and impulses.


A check of the direction had to be done in a small village. In the hot afternoon there was nobody. Finally we found kind, elderly family. They do not speak English, but their German was more than excellent. It was a pleasure to chat with them. Speaking German was good addition to yesterdays exercises in Greek and Russian. The elderly couple was a strange combination of blond, light woman and brunette, dark man. Because of their perfect German language we supposed the lady is a German married to the Greek.


After the village the road turn to the mountains again and it climb up abrupt. Suddenly, after a big turn, something special appeared in the front of our eyes. I stopped immediately. It was not an act of decision but an unconditional reflex, like a breathing. Just my soul react to the scenery


We got down from the vehicles and the emotional globe in our chests detonated!!!


I felt myself like I will fly out just at this moment. It was imposible for me to speek... I only screamed in excitation: "I am the king of the woooorld!". In the same abnormal condition were my companions. I knew about this phenomenon! Me and Bat Slavcho felt it at last years Moto-round. After this moment nothing is impossible. It is the moment when the positive emotions hoard in us are taking final control to the reality. All memories about usual daily live are erased and inside everyone borns a new man. The turning point when the real relax begins. Probably this is the condition inspired ancient people to exclaim: "The man is a real Man when he is on the way!" We all luxuriate our spiritual orgasm here and now!!!


It was indispensable give oneself to it. We just stay and contemplate.


Natural beauty is overwhelming. It was impossible to detach our eyes.


The look reach long distances and everything it touch generates more and more emotions in our hearts.


We were not able to move. What a beauty!


It took long time before we return back to realyty and to hit the scenic road again.  


More well-arranged villages...


...and more views to the deep-blue see...


...more great mountains and goor road with nice curves.


Closer to third branch of Chalkidikis - Aton (Agio Oros), we sow small ferryboat but it was not our object. Our plan was to catch the ferry from Oranopoli - last village before closed area, last point of contemporary civilization. Another part of Aton is only available for monks. There have no machines, electronics, vehicles and roads. It is a place for prayers and the transport is realized by donkeys only... Hm, let say this is the official version :-)


We reached the end of the road, next to Oranopoli port. Unfortunately parking here was forbidden. We stopped just for orientation.


Next to the port was a small beach with fine sand and crystal water.


Two ferries waited for their passengers...


...on the hills were visible first monasteries.


I made fast scout ride with bike and found a place for parking. Car was moved there and we were ready to board the ferry.


Unfortunately it was not possible anymore. We were 100 m. from the ship when it sounded the siren and pull out of the wharf. It was really distressing. Just for a moment... Eh, why did we don't ask what is the schedule. We could be little bit faster. What a pity!


The view of moving away ferry made us to choke down ponderous staying at the center of the wharf.


There was not another ferryboat. Walking around and taking pictures was a little consolation.


Nice place and delicious 'giros'.


According to the firm this building was probably the main police office in the old times when the Turks govern the place.


Dishes list in Bulgarian next to Greece language. What a nice surprise. Actually here in Aton are many bulgarian tourists. Even one of the monasteries is Bulgarian - "Saint George the Zograf". We enter the restaurant with hope to find some bulgarian to ask if there is another ferryboat today. Nobody spoke bulgarian but the owners were too kind to explain that there is a travel boat we can rent. "The captain" of the boot snored on it in afternoon doze. He spoke Greek only but it was not a problem to negotiate the price. But it was a mystery for us where are we going to go. I bought a beer for all of us, including "the captain" and we got under see.


We were the only passengers on board. In the open see there was a fresh wind. Finally a wind! 


... and a beer... how is it easy to forget the disappointments. It is time to be happy again.


The coast went away...


... and the tower became smaller and smaller.


The feeling was like we just start a travel around the world with luxury yacht. We definitely should do it someday!


A small island with a cross.


Another small island and enthusiasts on the virgin beaches.


On one bigger island was a real camp.


After one and half our we arrived the biggest island in the bay - Amoiliani. Great beach! Amassing!  


The place deserves 100% the name "The blue bay". The most beautiful beach for whole trip. The water catches you and pull you inside the see. Fascinating place!


There were a lot of free lounges and sunshades, ...


... so we settled.


Did I told settled? Actually I settled myself in the see. Perfect choice!


Such a crystal clear and transparent water I have seen at the Nord Beach Primorsko - Bulgaria, but in few days in the year only.  Good choice of our captain to bring us here. The place is unique!


Plamen made some experiments with clear water. The bottom was well visible at 10 m deep places.


Few  luxurious hauses and yachts stand around. How rich should you be to gain a permition to build a house at the place like this?


Happy and pleased with the live.


It was the time to go back. This time at the boot were some other people.


Two "nymphs" were at the boat bow and watched Plamen with romp eyes. He answer to their interest by making this picture.


We went back to Nea Roda and take direction to Straton. The road from Straton to Olympiada is a great one! Perfect asphalt-paved, wide, low loaded, fast curves with many ascent-down cycles - the riders dream.


New villages...


... new great views...


... and a little weariness.


Dilyanka moved to the car.


There were several ruins next to the road but we decidet not to stop. It was early evening and we had more to travel to Asprovalta.


Finally we reach it.  


It was not easy to find the camping 'Asprovalta'. The kind Greek people mislead us one more time. In result we lost an hour to seek the camp which was 30 m away from us. What a feeling for orientation?!? Probably it is a result of the strong sun. Be careful when you ask them for a direction. "2-3 kilometers there" is a typical answer when they do not have an idea what to tell you.


The camp is more than huge. I circled with the bike for 15 minutes in the internal alleys without repeat. We found a place with a whopping tree, closer to the beach. Because I mentioned the beach I should say that it was a perfect one. About 2 kilometers sand frontage with football and volleyball fields. It seems everything in Asprovalrta is big.


Ale-hop... We had a cowboy in the group - me...


...and an engineer who made a refrigerator - Plamen. One last round with bike for a cold beer and... it is a time for a midnight swim.


Tired and cooled we wished Goodnight to each other and turned off the light.


That was the fourth day of the trip during which we scrutinized Cassandra and Aton, made a incredible sunbathing, subdued a scenic roads and exploded emotionally. We needed to muster energy for:


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Daily trip

Nea Kalikratia - Oranopoli - Asprovalta - 260km


Camping "Asprovalta"

tel. +30 23970 22046

for 2 people, small tent and a motorbike - 13EUR


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